Maskmaker and actor Torben Jetsmark offers:

  • Handmade masks in own design
  • Courses, maskplays, maskmaking and Commedia Dell'Arte
  • Exhibitions
  • Solo shows

Background: Classic masks from the Italian theatre
This colorful and extremely theatrical art form, is based on the interaction of traditional stock characters, in improvised scenarios that facilitate a comic plot to arrive at a humorous climax. Commedia dell'arte (comedy of artists) originated in streets and market places of the early Italian Renaissance, although it's roots can be traced as far back as far as Ancient Greek and Roman Theatre. These Italian street performers, donning masks with exaggerated comic features to draw additional attention to themselves and complement their physical and acrobatic skills, eventually teamed up in troupes of actors often with a traveling stages to firmly establish commedia as a genre in it's own right by the mid-1500's.

The characters of the Commedia dell'arte is always colourful. Each of the characters have their own place in the social pyramid, and can be recognized by his mask


Below here, an example of the characters and some clips from the play Flaminias Lovers. Direction, Scenografy, Manuscript, Decoration and Masks, all by Torben Jetsmark